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The History of Issarachon

The Issarachon Foundation is an organization that works with the less fortunate, living in the public or ‘homeless’ individuals in the society. The group started in the form of volunteer work since 1996 and in the year 2005 became registered as the VACA and then later renamed at Issarachon Foundation in 18 October 2012. The organization has over a decade experience and commitment to improving the quality of life of those living in the public.
The foundation focuses on the individual affected and aims to rehabilitate the feelings of families, communities and surrounding environment. Members of the foundation visit affected ‘homeless’ individuals and families, encourage them to discuss and talk their feelings and work to find reasons for leaving home, to find ways to improve their quality of life and also the work of the organization. The main initiatives under this area are: support to the social sector; support to academic support services; and support of organization development.

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