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Sponsor our Food Sharing Project

อัปเดตเมื่อ 16 ก.พ.

In this year 2023, we invite you to become our sponsor for food for the homeless.

👉When is it? Where is it located? What do you do? How about other days?

🙂🙂Every Tuesday at 5:00pm at Trok Sake Alley. Tuesday is the only available day we can work on this project in the area.

On other days, we distributed Friendship Bags to different areas while working on the field to communicate and give to cases around Bangkok that did not make it on Tuesday.

We offer training, meeting, and speaking in seminars in the country with topics related to homeless.

👉Why not share food everyday??

🙂🙂Issarachon Foundation activities are not only sharing food. We work on the field collecting information, communicating and observing the area.

👉Do you accept food box?? Why do you accept money as donation???

🙂🙂Food for Friends project is based on having sponsors in order to prepare 300 food sets containing snacks, food, and water. The budget cost is 10,000 baht. Therefore, we accept money as donation in order to make the food sets.

Besides the 300 food sets, we offer 50 baht per food set in order to raise money for the next event in case there are no sponsor.🙏

We can improve the homeless lives in the area, provide income for our volunteers, and the food is made clean and fresh on at the location.

👉How do I reserve a spot as a sponsor??

🙂🙂line id :jasminjaja

Be a part of this sharing event. Make it a special day for any occasion (birthday, anniversaries, etc.) in sharing food for the homeless.

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