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Ratchaburi Protection Center for the Destitute

  • On Thursday, February 9th, 2023, Issarachon Foundation was invited to become a speaker at the Ratchaburi Protection Center for the Destitute.

In the project of strategizing ways of helping people with social problems or homeless people at the community level and local government organizations, the speaker lectured on the following topics:

  • The conditions and the types of homeless. The point of views.

  • The legislation of beggars.

  • The legislation of protecting the destitute 2557.

  • Local decentralization in caring for the destitute according to the announcement of the Decentralization Committee to Local Administrative Organizations.

There are a total of 40 people in this course. 22 people from Department of Local Administration and 18 people from the Institute for Knowledge Development on Social Development and Welfare.

Each person tells a story of a case they experienced in an enjoyable way. Some cases they were able to succeed in helping them with different networks and some are still unsolvable like the mentally ill in the community that lives with their relatives, yet the relative can't take care of them.

Thank you for learning together. Our lecture is not based on teaching the listeners, it is for sharing knowledge to each other.

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