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What is our meaning of home?

Is “home” a building or a mind? Look into the word "home". What is it? What does it mean? It is one of the four standards of living factors and can also mean family, an expression of love, warmth, sweetness, bonding, or representing your homeland.

Volunteers and even society today raise questions about why. Why do they leave their homes? Some interpret it as if they don’t have a home. Society understands that being homeless means no physical home. But what we realized is, does the word home depend on the building or the mind? For homeless people with no home, most define home as a feeling in the mind. If they feel uncomfortable living in a house or a building, they will leave and the homeless population increases. Society or officials see the homeless as a problem to society. However, Issarachon foundation sees them as a small member of society that fails to define home and receive welfare benefits.

Looking back on our first cases since working in the field at Sanamluang, we met a woman who asked us a surprising question. She said, “The word mother, can we buy it in Sanamluang?” If others heard this, they would question why there isn't a relative to take care of her? Why leave her on the streets? This is based on listening only to her. However, when we tried to bring her back home and talked with her family, we found out that her mother had raised her abusively. Her mother does not know how to raise a child and use her skills from the knowledge she received from childhood. This leads to failure in raising a child. The child tries to refuse their mother, but inside they yearn for love and warmth from her even though they don’t receive it. Spending on a child is what the mother thought the meaning of a mother’s love is. In the end, her family brought their mother back to take care of her.

In this present day, how much love and warmth does a family have in Thai society? Do they spend time eating dinner together? During these years, family dinners are disappearing due to work and families are using money to show their love. This is what we call using money to raise a child. It is not unexpected that till this day more people become homeless. Thailand’s homeless have various ages from newborns to the elderly. There are homeless who are alone and homeless who are a group of family, and their homeless generations continues. The age group that we found most common are the elderly people. Some of the reasons that made them homeless are the abnormalities of the brain and the feeling of negligence that their children do not take care of or have time for them and instead leave money for them to spend. After the conversation, we understand that old parents raise their children using money. When the child must work and does not have time, they don’t know how to express their love, and give or leave the money before heading for work. It becomes a cycle of giving money to show love. In this present day, Thai people are embarrassed to hug or say love to their family.

Since we are living in a society with the senior population increasing, as an organization that works with the homeless and those who live on the streets, Issarachon Foundation wants you to read this blog and bring back love, warmth, or look back to your family. Have more conversations that can lead to quick argument and reconciliation, recovery, forgiveness, hugging, and staying by each other’s side. Saying the word love to the person next to you or a family member is more precious than leaving money behind.

Based on our work, Issarachon Foundation has found out that many cases that turned homeless are from having issues due to less communication and keeping it to themselves forcing them to leave their home. After interacting and helping them to recover, we bring in the family to communicate with them. In the end, they decide to return to their family, live happily and never return homeless. This can happen if each side forgives and gives chances.

We must learn from this situation and solve it together. You can learn if you want to learn with no boundaries at heart.

See the world in a positive mind. No one wants to do anything wrong. No one wants to be bad. To be despised continuously is like being cut by a knife and adding salt to the wound. This leads to the wrongdoings continuing doing wrong and not learning from their mistakes, acting out sarcastically, and purposely making the same mistake again.

Please support our work to help the homeless reach their welfare benefits.

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