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Working in the Field 31/12/22

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

We always tell our volunteers not to use the word "pity" with others even though they felt like it.

Because if they heard it, they will feel less value of themselves.

Many have asked when working in the field what should they say? Issarachon foundation always said just be yourself. What we don't like we don't do it to them.

We have others said, "Because we pity them". That makes us feel less value of ourselves. It makes us feel looked down.

However, we can change the word "pity" to "understanding"

No one likes it when someone pities them.

Show "understanding" and "encourage" them.

Stay by their side and don't make them feel "alone".

Make them feel "value" of themselves.

Make them feel "existed", not just being invisible.

Feeling "pity" is not an understanding. It is only a feeling and will lead to helping them in a "must do it" and "pressuring" state.

Our working on the field is to show "understanding" and see them as "friends", as a "human being", a person who is equal to us and have feelings.

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